The Earl’s Courtiers, the Earl’s Court local amateur dramatic group of about 20 people ranging in age from eight to 80 has been presenting ‘Shakespeare in the Square’, a full length production of a Shakespeare play,  for the past three years. The play runs for three nights outdoors in a garden square and always attracts a full house of about 200 residents. The ticket price includes supper, so it is an event for socialising as well as enjoying the performance. Over 30 volunteers are involved in assisting in putting on the play and on the evening. Local businesses provide the food and drinks.  The Earl’s Courtiers also put on a winter play at St Cuthbert’s Church.

The project aims to develop skills and talents of local residents through activities such as acting, costume design and making, hospitality, identifying low technology solutions to lighting and staging and administration. Those involved in the play have gained a lot of confidence in their abilities and many friendships have resulted.  Businesses have been pleased to be associated with the event.  Profits from this event have been presented to St Cuthbert’s church to update its facilities as a cultural venue.