A recent brace of planning applications for 2 and 3-storey roof extensions to the Western half of the twin buildings that form Cromwell Mansions in Cromwell Road (near the junction with Earl’s Court Road) had left neighbours aghast .

The planning proposal put forward quickly acquired the name of “Space Pod”, and before long many objections by concerned residents landed on the desks of RBKC’s Planning Department .

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Although the rather unique design was by an internationally renowned , prize-winning architect, and as a stand-alone project this structure could look stunning elsewhere , many residents felt that in its proposed setting in a largely mid-Victorian neighbourhood it felt incongruous and would harm the otherwise pleasant vista along that stretch of Cromwell Road.

Last week both applications were withdrawn and many neighbours celebrated their escape from being overlooked, overshadowed and having a copper and brass-clad spacecraft as a new neighbourhood feature, something that was a clear mismatch of old and new architectural styles and what could have become an eyesore for their much-loved neighbourhood.

We don’t think we have heard the last of this out there planning proposal, so stay tuned. There may well be a second instalment of this space-saga in the future .