As a follow up to the Town Hall event, Deborah Cleary arranged a meeting with Primera, “The Regeneration Specialists”, to learn more about the practicalities of BID preparation from a balloting and marketing standpoint. This fits well with her ECS marketing remit and could be useful going forward as we communicate out thinking with the local business community. 
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Along with the Primera team, Cllr. Malcolm Spalding, Steve Wren from Westway Trust and Samantha Lever also attended. Samantha attended in her capacity as a local business influencer, Chamber participant and pro-active community support individual.

Samantha’s thinking, post meeting with Primera, was that they seem to be an excellent company to work with, from a funding and management standpoint, but that further research and collaboration with ECS was required in advance of a pre-BID plan being decided by local stakeholders and important influencers. That said, the thinking was positive and path forward seemed to be appealing to her a local business owner, a good sign that we are heading the right direction.

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A guide to funding and establishing of a successful local business partnership has been requested from Primera, and we hope to review this and plan accordingly in the coming weeks. It is worth noting that no commitment of any kind has been made to Primera and this dialogue is purely for research and planning purposes. Guidance, case study sharing and getting a handle on other BID’s success matrix is extremely useful to have visibility of at this point.

All further findings and proposed planning will be shared with ECS members for information and feedback purposes, and we look forward to positive developments over the coming weeks.