Toby Brown has been the Trust Chairman since 2013. Toby and The Earl’s Courtiers have produced four Shakespeare Comedies in local garden squares and venues, playing to thousands of local residents. The various theatre productions he has directed and supported have raised over £15,000 for local charities. He is also responsible for countless smaller plays in St Cuthbert’s Church and The Troubadour Cafe. He has also hosted many local outdoor Jazz parties and, a big summer favourite, Film Nights in Nevern Square.

Deborah Cleary is ECCT’s recently appointed Honorary Secretary. Born in Earl’s Court, she has supported fundraising and sponsorship activities for the Earl’s Court Community Trust since 2014. Deborah is also the publisher of The Court – Earl’s Court’s arts and culture newspaper and website ( “I am honoured to work with ECCT, and it is with both sadness and pride that I take on the role of Honorory Secretary, a role that our beloved Jennifer Ware held for many years. A seriously tough act to follow, I will work with my fellow trustees to accomplish Jennifer’s goal to make Earl’s Court a world recognised arts and culture destination.

Freddy Gibbs, Treasurer, is a retired director of The Americas for Lloyd’s Banking Group.  He has lived in eight different countries – his two children were born in The Bahamas and Panama. He enjoys walking and golf.

Keith Mortimer Clancy has been responsible for over 40 Literary events for the Earl’s Court Festival. Founder Member of UK charity Great Women Speak Out, Director of the Family Mosaic Housing Association, Trustee of the FM Community Foundation and one of the organisers for the SGI Earl’s Court Buddhist movement, running monthly discussions on life and happiness. His big dream for Earl’s Court is for it to be “the sexiest, coolest and kindest area in London.”

Diane Parnell has lived and worked in RBKC for 51 years and was one of the founder members of our Trust. Having run a Guide Unit in Kensington for 32 years, she is still Guiding Division Commissioner for Kensington & Chelsea and regularly ropes in her Guide Unit to help raise funds for the ECCT.

Simon Brooks has lived with his family in Earl’s Court for 22 years – 15 of those also working in the area. He’s an advertising Copywriter/Creative Director who’s created campaigns for scores of brands and still works freelance for several London agencies. He is passionate – or more accurately, obsessive – about music, movies, books and theatre (and coffee).

Elsa Beirao Simoes has lived in Earl’s Court and supported ECCT and local initiatives as a volunteer for many years. Her work in the community health and wellbeing space is well respected, and she is a regular volunteer at local arts and culture events.  ECCT welcomes Elsa as a new trustee in 2019.