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It wouldn’t be too wild a statement to suggest that nearly all of us have missed social interaction over the past two months as we’ve stayed at home keeping safe. Whether it’s in the pubs over a pint, in a restaurant over a nice meal, in a café over a co ee and some cake, or simply in a leafy park with an old friend, having a catch up and a chat is something we’re all keen to introduce into our daily lives again.

Many people have been using Zoom to keep xed social occasions going, and one popular theme has been the pub quiz. People all over the UK have been sharing passwords and logging onto their own personal quizzes, each of us a Magnus Magnusson or an Egghead in our own right.
If you’re keen to get involved in a regular pub quiz from the comfort of your own home but haven’t had the time to pen the mind-boggling questions, Pub Quiz Club makes high quality fun quizzes for you that can easily be used with your friends and family.
Every week, they produce a full, fun and challenging quiz that can be easily purchased online. It can take hours to put a quiz together but now, all the hard work has been done for you. Once you’ve bought the quiz, you’ll be able download the quiz files straight away.

How to play: Go to:

  • 70 Challenging Questions from a wide range of popular categories
  • Contestant Answer Sheet, in PDF format to download and print
  • Picture and Lyrics Answer Sheets – Print out or send at the beginning of the quiz so that contestants can in throughout the quiz.
  • 10 Clip Music Round – MP3 File ready to play from your device. All songs are combined into one file for ease of use.
  • Quizmaster Question Sheet – Print or download onto your device to ask the questions.
  • Quizmaster Answer Sheet – Print or download and make sure you keep it out of sight!