Saturday, 23 May

Earl’s Court is where Britain’s LGBT movement began, and this event is designed to celebrate the Gay Heyday and by doing so try and establish an archive of memories and images of those years before they disappear completely.

So, this is a call out for material, images, video, memories of the Gay Scene in Earl’s Court and I hope that residents and visitors will be able to help and at the same time have a wonderful party.

I have secured The Bolton Pub on Earl’s Court Road for Saturday 23 May and the event will be comprised of three elements and taking over the two floors of the pub:

1. Drag Queen performances
2. A memory/film booth
3. Showing of a selection of films from the Earl’s Court Film Festival

The launch of the gathering of materials has gone out via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Your help in locating help would be appreciated, as it is felt that by celebrating Earl’s Court’s Gay History, we can both preserve this history and reach out to those in need.

So, whether it was Harpoon Louie, Copacabana, Banana Max or Brompton’s it would be great to have some of memories…!


Artists signed up so far with more to come:

Jimmy Lavender aka Tracey La Bouche

Karl Moffat as Maître d’