The Mother of Earl’s Court Sadly Leaves Us

Loving mother. Political activist. Bohemian local hotelier with a global outlook. Founding member of many of our most important local charitable and community organisations. Grand Dame, Jennifer Ware was the life and soul of Earl’s Court.

Aged 87, Jennifer departed this world having lived a most incredible life, and her last months were, equally, a very special time. Truly blessed with the wonderful support of her family, her flat in Earl’s Court Square was, as it has always been, an Open House, with people coming in and out, having a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, dropping in for a chat. Stephanie, Cilla and Jane, her daughters, provided around the clock care for her over her last months, tending her with wonderful compassion and love. Jennifer died as she would have wanted to, in her own home, in her own bed with the casual noises of normal domestic life around her, with friends, family and dogs, and drinking Negronis or Ginger Wine to the end. She did not express any fear of death, she took it in her stride, and was even, at the last, smiling, and thinking of others. She was, quite simply, a remarkable a woman and will very much be missed.

Organisational Brilliance

The list of the different committees and organisations that Jennifer was involved with were numerous and covered a wide range of interests, but central were two themes: the health, physical, mental and emotional, and welfare of residents and for Earl’s Court as a community. A trustee of the Chelsea Social Council, St Cuthbert’s Centre and a founder member of Response Community Projects, and committee member of Earl’s Court Square RA, ECNA and the Earl’s Court Society. Importantly for many older residents, Jennifer was the mainstay in the organisation of the famous Strawberry Teas in Earl’s Court Square Gardens, an event very close to her heart. Jennifer served on the Council’s Standards Committee for some years and recognised by the Baroness Hanham as being Mrs Earl’s Court.

So, whether it was the Tesco’s and Warwick Road developments, Earl’s Court/Courtfield/Redcliffe Local Planning Forum, West London Traffic Reform, the Earl’s Court Study, or as an early Environmental Roundtable Group member, she was always there, providing her insight and experience. Her knowledge of the Earl’s Court area was simply encyclopaedic.

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