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The Earl’s Court Society, in conjunction with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Graffiti Team, has announced that they plan to get buckets out and hands on and give the defaced walls and shutters of Earl’s Court a much needed scrub in the coming weeks.

“Seen by many as a demonstration of urban decay and lack of civic pride, residents are becoming increasingly frustrated that businesses and property owners are not removing graffiti from their shutters in a timely fashion,” said ECS Chairman, Malcolm Spalding.

“The Borough’s Graffiti Team and ECS are enthusiastic about rolling up our sleeves and making the neighbourhood look cleaner and better, however managers and property owners must take responsibility to ensure that graffiti, especially if on a business property, is removed as soon as it appears”

Graffiti in Earl’s Court Gardens, Penywern Road and Eardley Crescent has also recently appeared, but a challenge in some areas is that this illegal scrawl is defacing property owned by Transport for London, one of the largest property owners in the Earl’s Court Road area.

Malcolm continued, “We urge TfL to take the same approach as any local business manager. If graffiti is reported we would appreciate its timely removal. It is a point of civic pride that our Ward looks appealing to both residents and the millions of visitors we welcome to the area each year.

An Earl’s Court Graffiti Walkabout action morning is being planned. If you think that graffiti is a visual nuisance in your area, and you want to do something about it, contact a member of the Earl’s Court Society’s environment team by emailing us on malcolmspalding007@gmail.com.