The Court Newspaper and The Court Community CIC deliver tangible value to the arts, culture and business communities of the borough, with an emphasis on the Earl’s Court and adjacent wards. The Court is a not-for-profit local communications and events initiative.

The Court’s print and digital expansion programme is being designed specifically with this in mind, encompassing the creation of our own community events such as the Earl’s Court Film Club; marketing and communications support for the widest variety of community and commercial events possible (community arts and culture projects are given equal weight to commercial enterprises online and in print, for example), with room made for small-scale social outreach projects and charities amongst the larger scale or commercially-driven events.

A talented team of globally experienced publishers and digital specialists will also be working with local businesses to help the make up the revenue shortfall that many companies have experienced since the closure of the Earl’s Court Exhibitions Centres. We can help to generate local resident interest in products and services in what was a traditionally visitor supported marketplace.